In a secretive, nocturnal manner and many sounds of the 80’s and 90’s but without forgetting the most animated manoeuvres of house textures. Azza articulates an optimistic sound discourse. Call it remember. Call it dance. Call it commercial. We call it music. Pure and hard celebration. The fact is that this is your space in Valencia, a space where everything can happen.


Dance the best themes of the present and the past. Fridays with a sophisticated and contemporary house accent. On Saturdays, AZZA DJs propose an eclectic mix of styles and eras. A musical amalgam in harmony with the club’s environment. Sound landscapes created only for the delight of our senses.


On Saturday afternoons we play rumberos (and a little bit flamencos). The tardeos of Palau Alameda are those moments of evasion so absolutely essential. Tardeo is to share. Share laughs, stories, drinks and flamenco sounds. High altitude evenings from the basement of Palau Alameda.